Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slums Ka Saya : Aaskars Mein ‘Jai Ho’

(This post was written yesterday (22nd Jan) evening, just before I left to see Slumdog Millionaire.)Oscar Nominations are out

And by now it's an old news that Rahman has got three nominations for Slumdog Millionaire
(Hans Zimmer has no nomination for TDK and is out of competition).

Rahman's Nominations-

One nomination for Best Music (Score) for which he is competing with - The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Defiance, Milk (haven't heard scores of any of these films so can't comment) & Wall - E. I feel he is going to face a tough competition in eight times Oscar Nominee Thomas Newman (Shawshank Redemption, Little Woman, American Beauty, Road To Perdition, Finding Nemo, Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events & Good German).

Two Nominations for - Best Music (Song) - 'Jai Ho' & 'O Saya' here he is competing with Peter Gabriel (& Thomas Newman's) song Down To Earth (for which Peter has already won World Soundtrack Award for Best Original Song Written Directly for Film).
IMHO looking at all the probabilities Rahman's songs have a much-much stronger chance to win in this category.
(The only thing that can work against Rahman is the lyrics of the SM songs. Gulzar's lyrics are too poetic and can't be translated/dubbed on the other hand Peter's Lyrics which are in english will be easy for the Jury to understand).

Let's hope Rahman brings back the first Individual Oscar to India.

I saw Slumdog Millionaire and strongly felt - the film is over hyped. I feel its an okay okay film, with brilliant cinematography by Anthony Dod Mantle (who was the DOP for wonderfully shot - The Last King Of Scottland as well), great performances by the slum kids and brilliant soundtrack by Rahman.

In many ways the film reminded me of Bombay Talkie (1970).

Wanna write more about SM but there will be lots of spoilers, I think I should wait atleast for a week before I post my SM Review here.

Oscar Se Aaskar Tak

India is celebrating on Rahman getting 3 Oscar Nominations, forgetting the great sacrifices made by Mr.Oscar(pronounced Aaskar) Ravichandran, who recieved a legal notice from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the spring of 2008 to change his company's name from Oscar Films to something else. The creative genius came up with a new name- "Aaskar Films Private Ltd" and also replaced the logo he had been using (which was similar...identical to the one used for the Academy Awards)

So much for
Oscars Aaskars!

PS. Do read this hilarious post on AaskarAwards on Son of Bosey.


Slogan Murugan said...

Must check out Bombay Talkies

abhishek said...

hi...yeah i too feel like slumdog is way too overhyped...c'mon its atleast not an imdb top 50 film...outside 100 i can consider it. although it has a good chance of winning in a lot of categories...not much competions from other films...will write a post abt it some time later.

Trinaa said...

i second abhishek..d muvi was overhyped..

Anonymous said...

Oh! Everybody is talking about Slumdog Millionaire, I'll have to see it too, otherwise I don't know what to comment!!!!!!!

The Comic Project said...

The oscar nominations are a great thing for the film and good to see AR Rahman with 3 nominations.

It's a good film, not a great one. Looking forward to your review.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... sorry, but you're completely mistaken to think that english lyrics to the Rahman song in SM would make a huge difference to the jury for his Oscar nomination. Its actually the opposite. Since the movie is depicted in India, its an advantage that the lyrics are NOT in english. Also, for awards like this they look at things differently than the normal audience. They look how the music and composition flows with the frames in the film, with the overall story, the scene its connected to, etc. They don't judge it based on a pretty tune. They evaluate it in quite technical ways. Remember that these are trade people specializing in the production of motion pictures. They give awards based on difficulties, uniqueness, and all sorts of production skills to create a movie, known to them in their trade. Its not always based on what the public prefers. They look deeper than that.

Los Angeles, CA

Endless Randomness said...

Glad to know someone else thought the movie was overhyped.. I took much offence to the way they portrayed my city too. Infact I've dedicated two whole posts to this issue on my blog.

Kanupriya said...

Hmmm agree to some extent but I liked the movie. BTW thanks for this AASKAR link, it was good :-)

Toonfactory said...

@ Slogan Murugan - You should check it out Gopal, and you'll understand what I am trying to say here... :)

@ Abhishek & Trinaa - Thanks.

@ Thrice - Haha, see it.

@ TCP - I think its too late to write a review for the film...

@ Anonymous - Both your comments were insightful. Thanks.

@ Endless Randomness - I seriously disliked the way Boyle portrayed Mumbai in SM. Besides I think TZP was a much better film than SM.

@ Kanupriya - Liking a movie and calling it a masterpiece are two different things...even I liked the movie but don't think it was that great a film.

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