Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Musical Malfunctions

Last weekend I met Jaidev after almost three years. We went for Dev D, which IMHO is one of the best Indian Movies I’ve seen in a longtime. Only thing I disliked in the film was the interval. Adlabs, Pune was playing Delhi-6 songs in the interval, which started another very interesting (atleast for us) conversation on music. They were playing the 8 minute 42 seconds long Arziyaan from Delhi-6 sung wonderfully by Javed Ali & Kailash Kher.

“You know there is a glitch in this song, exactly at the 2nd second of 8th minute, which wasn’t corrected and the song is being released and played with the glitch,” He told.

I played the track as soon as I reached home to find this not so prominent glitch in the song exactly at 2nd Sec. of 8th minute of Arziyaan.

But this is not the first time when a glitch has passed from a music studio to the final released tracks. Swades, which is one of my most favorite A.R.Rahman Albums has one such glitch in the Shehnai Version of Ye Jo Des Hai Tera, if you have heard the track carefully the Shehnai player (if I remember correctly it’s the Great Bismillah Khan Sahab) caughs exactly at the 59th second of first minute, the cough never got edited or removed from the track (knowingly or by mistake, we don’t know). This cough is very prominent in the track.

Another song I remember with a glitch has a funny anecdote about it. The song is Piya Piya Piya Mora Jiya Pukare from 1955 Kishore Kumar film – Baap Re Baap. Music- O.P.Nayyar.Lyrics- Jaan Nisaar Akhtar (Javed Sahab’s Father). This song was recorded in 50s, the era of one track recording, when singers used to sing in a soundproof cabin and live music played by the orchestra was also recorded simultaneously. Asha ji & Kishore Kumar were recording for the song and by mistake Asha ji jumped in with an aalaap in Kishore’s lines. This was a massive mistake, O.P. Nayyar was just gonna stop the orchestra to re-record the whole song from scractch. Kishore waved from inside the recording cabin and recorded the whole song.

KK came out and laughed at restless Nayyar.

“I am the ‘Hero’ of the film and I know how I am going to cover this mistake, don’t worry,” He said.

Nayyar wasn’t convinced but the song was recorded and released with that one minor mistake on KK's insistence. This song became one of the most popular songs from Baap Re Baap. Film was released and when O.P. Nayyar saw how beautifully Kishore covered the mistake on screen, he just went to the 'Hero' and hugged him.

In the audio track the mistake comes around 20th Second of 2nd Minute. Check this video to see - Chand Usmani lip syncing Asha’s mistake around 8th second of 2nd minute and how Kishore saved the day?

Piya Piya Piya – Baap Re Baap (1955)

On a totally different note, here is Sintex Water Tank – Permanent Ho Gaya commercial, where yours truly plays a blink and miss role of the Dulha (thanks to an actor who ran away) in the begining of this commercial - My first PAID acting gig ;)


Nidz said...

are u a movie critic. i see all ur post are abt movies, music!!!
m in love with title track of delhi 6. i hope its a good movie

abhishek said...

Arey you are looking chubbier in the ad.

btw did you listen to the uncensored version of 'emosional atyachaar'

Unknown said...

hey there is so much technicality involved in this post.
this is superb...that u can find a fault in a song in terms of seconds!!!!
Shows ur skills actually
enjoyed watching the ad...u look good in that red dress.

swati said...

hey u observe everythng so deeply yaar..
really one need vry sharp eyes n ears fr that.
we toh only enjoy listning songs without going in so much technicality..didnt knw even sch glitches do exist..:)
good day

Unknown said...

hey i always thot that the glitch in Dilli -6 is due to some download error... woooww u r amazing!!!
and you look so chubby in the ad!!!Cutiee!!!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

why dont u become a full time movie/music critic..ur putting all the others to shame...kya close observation!!!impressive!
and oye tusi te top ho..india di kalli kalli hope ho...koi modeling chance ho mere liye to bata dena yaar:)

kidding:)...u look damn cute in the commercial:)

Mama - Mia said...

nice! very very interesting read!

and you are a star now!! yay!! :D wasnt excatly blink and miss! couriering autograph book!



Richa said...

hehe, for ur appearance, applaudes :P

and the glitch thingy, it requires a lot of dedication , now i know why have u decided to stay single ;)

n yar the shehnayi glitch, he is a legend in himself, the cough of his too is worth preserving..

mystic rose said...

hm fascinating. i love that track from swades and i dont remember noticing it or if i did it didnt bother me :)

and that was cool. i think you did a good job. :). and it wasnt a blink and miss. you were quite clear and noticeable since it was the beginning.

Vidooshak said...

kahaan kahaan se laate ho yeh sab info? khatarnak dimaag hai tumhara!

Dev.D is the 2nd most awesome movie from India in past 10 years. The first is still Johnny Gadaar :-)

Toonfactory said...

@ Nidhi - Lol. Nopes m not a crtic. Its just I love Movies & Music so much that in all my posts I end up talking about them.

@ Abhishek - Chubbier?Me? Yep have heard that version too.

@ Bhupendra - Thanks for the visit & comment, it's not about finding a fault, its about loving the songs :)

@ Swati - Thanks. BTW I don't have sharp ears (will write about them soon here) Glitches exist everywhere.

@ Paaro - Thanks, Downloading is illegal and most of the times downloaded tracks come with additional glitches.

@ Santasizing...Fantasizing - Fulltime movie/music critic..Tum mujhe bhookha marwaogi. Thanks.

@ Mama - Mia - Thanks. Autograph book nahin, balak ki dates bhejo, use sign karna hai.

@ Richa - Lol..Thanks Thanks...I second you on Shehnayi Glitch. He was a legend!Unki Khaansi mein bhi sangeet hai.

@ Mystic Rose - Try to notice it the next time. It wasn't a blink and miss coz U dint blink ;)

@ Vidooshak - Dimaag ki nahin Vividh Bharti ki Taareef Kijiye Shreeman!
I second you on DevD & Johnny Gaddar! JG Rocks anytime :)

Anonymous said...

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Atiya Herekar said...

Are you Yayawar or just Yawar? Cos Yawar is just me and I'm kinda protective about my name =)

Atiya Herekar said...

You never asked my question? is Yawar your name? That's all I wanted to know. Don't worry, no plans of copyrighting it.

Trinaa said...

dilli 6!! siiiigh..i lurrrv most of the songs in dat muvi :)

Me said...

Pata hain kya? Kal mainey yeh TV pey bhi dekha... tum toh badey cute lag rahey ho yaar :)

Abhi jo bhi yahan likha hain naa tumney glitches ke baarey mein... aaj hi sab songs sunoongi pakkey sey and will try and find out ki tum kitney paani mein

Jokes apart... such observations always come frm ppl who r creatively inclined and they knw their job well... :)

Compliment hain..rakh lo...aisey sab ko nahi milta... :)

DMulan said...

yeah i've heard of the kishore kumar story before... damn clever of him!
i got to notice the glitch in the delhi6 song now!

Toonfactory said...

@ Sam_2- Any comment that starts from - Wanting some fun? sounds little awkward, sorry I don't celebrate V Day...

@ Yawar - Peace!

@ Trinaa - Welcome back! Well yep Delhi-6 has some brilliant tracks. I m loving Genda Phool & Masakali the most.

@ Harshita - Maine abhi tak isey TV Par nahin dekha hai... :( Parents have seen it though. Thankfully the production house uploaded it on youtube and I was able to see it. Thanks for the compliments :)

@ Divya - Thanks. They dont call KK - The Powerhouse Of Talent aise hi! Try other 2 songs too, the glitches are very prominent in them.

Trinaa said...

u hv something on my blog..

Arunima said...

Hey this is so good.
How did u managed 2 c the technical details so keenly.
I must commend ur love 4 songs!!!

Apzy said...


Vidooshak said...

Saw the video only today. Your smile did come through even in that blink. Was amused to think how such a small moment stays as a big memory...

Life is all about these 'special' moments. Moments that mean nothing to others. Nahi?

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