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Gulaal, Geetmala, 2in1 Aur Aditya

I have been listening to Anurag Kashyap's Gulaal songs since sometime and trust me this guy knows how to choose lyrics. The songs are just awesome...Piyush Mishra's lyrics, music & voice has set the mood like nobody's business. (That's not all Piyush has also acted in the film)
The anger and sarcasm in the lyrics remind me of poems by Baba Nagarjun, Dinkar & Nirala.
The trailer looks bloody promising and I can hardly wait for it's release. Anurag says it's his tribute to Saahir's song 'Ye Mehlon..Ye Takhton...Ye Taazon Ki Duniya...' from Gurudutt's Pyasa. The ultimate song from a dejected heart.

Music se yaad aaya, I'd been looking for this 2CD Set of Binaca Geetmala Silver Jubilee Presentation by Ameen Sayani for a longtime but its just not available in the market for years. Finally found somebody, who has them and was kind enough to upload it on Rapidshare in MP3 format and I just downloaded it from here. The audio quality is pretty poor as compared to the original CD and Ameen Sayani's commentary missing before the second song of Vol.1... but chalta hai.
This compilation means a lot to me personally. I was a school boy when I got Vol.1 in a recorded cassette and just got hooked to it. For months this was the only cassette that played on my two-in-one (remember those one speaker 2in1s?). Which annoyed my brother Aditya like anything.
I started mimicking Ameen Sayani even while talking to my parents (which they never appreciated) or reading some book. My only support in this exercises was Bunty (only friend I had in those years and the only friend whom I am still in touch with). I used to write some silly letters to comic book publishers and read them in Ameen Sayani's voice to Bunty, who would occassionally correct me if I start sounding like Alok somewhere. I started making a list of Musical hits mentioned by Mr.Sayani in this cassette and get them recorded from a neighboring Recording Shop (remember the days when there were no mp3 Cds or Internet download available and if you were from a small town, you had to rely on your friendly neighborhood recording wallah and his collection to get a recorded compilation on cassetes).
The Recordingwallah was a kindhearted college guy, who always tried to sell me R.D.Burman as the best Composer ever and I was a hardcore Shankar-Jaikishan, Kalyan ji-Anand ji fan. The debate always ended up, with him saying - 'You'll understand the feeling of love he brings in his songs, when you'll grow up.'
I started maintaining a diary where I used to write my nonsense thoughts on music and composers. I came across one tribute to R.D.B. by Ameen Sahab on a Radio Show and I started following his music and made notes in my diary too. Very soon I was helping the recordingwallah with a R.D.Burman compilation for his girl friend. I don't know how successful his love story was, but I always got special discounts on recording thereafter.
We moved to Orissa in sometime, where nobody understood or appreciated such things :(( My Ameen Sayani Mimicry was still on, though Bunty was nowhere to appreciate it. Geetmala phase would've been over, if I hadn't come across this T Series pirated copy* of Volume 2 of Silver Jubilee Presentation, which was great but I personally feel Vol.1 rocks. Ameen Sahab was back on my two-in-one.

I played both the cassettes so much on rotation for sometime that it bugged my family esp.Aditya like hell.

Do Bhai (clicked by Chhoti Behen)

Sometime back we did this show on a Film based TV Channel, where I wrote and spoofed Ameen Sayani in my voice. Aditya himself is a Media Professional now, and he don't hate Geetmala anymore. Talking of which, he just called up to say, he has bought this 5 CD set for me called - Geetmala Ki Chhaon Mein (Vol.1-5). A compilation with Ameen Sayani's Commentary. Time Time Ki Baat Hai.

Ab Aditya Kabhi Kabhi Meri Sun Leta Hai (Clicked by Neha)

* Until 2 Decades ago T Series used to be a company which used to release duplicates of Original HMV & Polydoor Cassettes in much cheaper cassettes with peculiar Jai Mata Di Stickers.


Trinaa said...

gulaal? ye kaun si muvi hai ji?

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

Gulaal!!!Oh I know...I saw the trailers for this one when i was watching Dev first i wasa little taken aback by the use of language(foul words scare me!!!),,,but then i realised that this guy is a genius...and with the kind of star cast in there...i cant wait to watch it...:)

Amin Sayani ke fan:)...join the club...i loved listening to Binaca geet mala on sundays..this was a time when there were no jazzy FM's and cd players...and mp3's...and those new/old songs came as morning breezes on a lazy sunday:)...
Pictures are nice...saari pics behna se khichwai?uski pics kyu nahi li yara!!!
and btw....Welcome back to the blogworld!!!:)

Unknown said...

I am so sorry...but i havent heard binaca geetmala don't know Amin sayani.. :((
i ll today positively download Gulal song... I am become a procrastinator.. :(

Nidhi said...

First thing !

Am so sorry for staying away from your blog for such a long time.. but then what are frenz for ;) Forgive me ;) Else $#$@#$@#

Hihihii !

Anyways i haven't yet heard any song from gulaal... now after reading your post.. thats the first thing am gonna do :)

On the mention of Amin Sayani... Whoops I don't remember when was the last time I heard his voice... Ahem ! so you used to copy him :D When do I get to hear you next :D

And did I mention that Neha has taken a beautiful pic :) Loved it :)

And thanks for remindin gme of my childhood days when the ultimate source of entertainment was BINACA SANGEETMALA and CHITRAHAAR :)

The best days of my life :)

Richa said...

Yeah Gulal's tht number- Rana ji is particulry peppy 'Ji haan Bhaiyon aur behno' :D

Sneha Shrivastava said...

behot hee badiyah post likhi hai.meri sister karti thi y sab blank sony key cassettes lana or tv sey recording karna gazals and all.:)
mai send kar rehi hun uskou y post.:)

Banno said...

So Aditya is won over by Ameen Sayani saheb. You brought back such nostalgic memories, Geetmala and recording walas and all. Lovely photos.

Toonfactory said...

@ Trinaa - Its a movie in making for past 6 years, finally releasing next weekend.

@ Santasizing - Thank you hai...Well AK is real genius. I still listen to Radio, no jazzy FM Channels though. Well behna ki bhi pics li hain, but aajkal ka waqt dekhte huye Blog par post karne se katrate hain...and anyway she has started clicking some brilliant pics, to woh to aap dekh hi sakti hain.

@ Paaro - Hope you have Gulaal songs by now, tell me which one you liked?

@ Nidhi - Der Aaye,Durust Aaye, well agar bahut zyada time ho gaya ho to download the Binaca Geetmala MP3s from the link I gave..

@ Richa - Maan Gaye Aapki Paarkhi Nazar Aur Rana Ji Super Dono Ko...Sunte Rahiyega Har Budh KI Shaam...

@ Sneha - Thanks.Hum sab bade bhai behen ye karte the...I hope your sister liked the post too :)

@ Banno - Yep finally he started appreciating good things in life ;) and teases me in A pseudo Ameen Sayani Voice - Aawaz Ki Duniya Ke Doston...Doston..Doston...PS.Thanks for correcting my spelling ;)

Vidooshak said...

Let me rephrase a comment on the earlier post. Your entire FAMILY must start a travel show. What an awesome pic of you guys against the sunset, by Neha. never realized that nanhi si jaan had such an powerful lens in her eyes.

This was absolue nostalgia post. I remembered studying through 9th and 10th (board eggjam) with Ameen bhai's unwavering background. Those days I was allowed to lock myself in the room and push the National 2-in-1 to its loudest tinny decibel, in the hope of creating the right study ambience.

All it did was help me develop a love for movies like "Is Paar Ya Us Paar". Ugh

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