Thursday, July 10, 2008

बहुत ही Random Thoughts

Mumbai is an addiction and the worst part is you realize this after you leave the city. The city has a charm that keeps you longing to visit it at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, this wasn’t the topic that I wanted to discuss when I started the blog. (Its just I will be leaving for Mumbai for some work and loads of fun in sometime and went into that retro/introspective mood I go into before starting any journey).

I wanted to talk about lots of other wonderful things like this beautiful NEWS of two of my very close friends becoming The Lord Of The Rings...I mean...getting engaged last Sunday ( with each other, the guy got engaged in Gujrat and Girl in Karnataka) in a total arranged and shocking ‘तो हम ये रिश्ता पक्का समझें’ style.

Friend One (The Guy) used to and still corrects me wherever and whenever I go wrong in making decisions esp. the tough and confusing ones, Thanks SP for being the Zen Monk whenever I needed you and we both know I’ll keep on getting confused and you’ll keep on playing this role forever.

Friend Two (the girl) used to correct my infamous grammatical mistakes in my formal/informal mails in Bangalore. (PP I can’t thank you enough for the recently used Resignation Letter format, that you drafted for me two years back and aptly named the document KANK- Filmy..Very Filmy).


Pune Diaries

I am still finding it very difficult to adjust in Pune, but enjoying the leisure here. I am getting time to catch up with the books I have been buying for past few years and haven’t read, DVDs I have been collecting and haven’t seen.

I am reading books as well as blogs,(though I am writing too, but I feel its way too below the average standard I am trying to maintain for things to be discussed here in my blog).

No matter whether it’s Neil Gaiman/ JRJR’s ETERNALS or Amitabh Bachchan’s Blogs or Blogs of some truly amazing artists (check fav.bloggers list), there is so much to read and learn by sneaking a look into the psyche of so many wonderful people around.

Then there are Special Edition DVDs with Director’s Commentary (the skeptic in me says 50% of the stuff that the Directors say there, is/might be scripted, but still the optimist in me says at least 50% commentary is true and about what that guy had in mind while shooting the film- the fanboy in me enjoys the DVD 100%.Period.). Trying to study and analyze the way these Supparr Greatt Directors think so that I can learn and won’t repeat the mistakes I did in my award winning short THE CAN MAN.

Million $ Question for Fellow bloggers - How do you guys manage to write things in such a flowery language???

Waiting eagerly for your comments, inputs, Kung Fu Panda, Wall-E, Dark Knight and many other movies.



~S n E h A~ said...

good to know ur having a fun time in pune..i luv the city..u in bbay rite now??

Vidooshak said...

saumin got engaged?????????? wow!
congratulate him dude

lovely blog. u have flowery content instead of flowery language and that is so much better!

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