Wednesday, August 6, 2008

That Baritone Voice & Film Trailers

More often than not, when we see the trailer of a movie (esp. Upcoming Hollywood Biggies), mind-boggling visuals play on the screen whilst that baritone voice narrates the basic plot/random lines in the background. Kind of clichéd, but this is the way they make a trailer. The Baritone VO is one of the best dramatic devices to grab the attention of an audience ever since the art of storytelling originated. But it also has its pros & cons.

Biggest DEMERIT:
Going with the overtly accepted norm, Hindi Film Makers (rather Indian Film Makers..I must say) have started aping their Hollywood counterparts and we are forced to see Hindi Movie Trailers in a voice that convincingly mimics the same baritone voice that our ears are used to hear on HBO/Apple Trailors for ages.

Anyway have a look at the trailer for the movie COMEDIAN (2002) where Jerry Seinfeld spoofs such Trailers, have fun:


kiran sawhney said...

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Solitaire said...

Hey! Cannot watch the video as am accessing your blog on my cell. Nice write-up. Did not know that bollywood is aping Hollywood to that extent.

Zombie said...

Hey Alok! The video was toooo good..I had a hearty laugh.

Almost imagined myself munching butter popcorn in PVR while watching this..these Voiceovers are actually becoming a cliche'!

Somehow I haven't heard of this movie..I must watch it!

Mama - Mia said...

when i think baritone i think AB! otha than that knowing my limited cinemtaic experinece i dont even have 2 cents to add!

otha than that, the baritone i always remember is one used for shows like Ripley's and Guiness! its SO standard and funny!



Toonfactory said...

Hey Kiran & Solitaire- Thanks for the comments :)
Zombie - Thanks for visit & comment, why only PVR??? (but if U talking bout PVR Saket I can understand the fixation).
Abha - if your "cinemtaic experinece" is limited, tab to shayad humara experience infancy mein hai...thanks for the comment. AB se pehle Balraj Sahni sahab bhi the..bhool gayi..I wanted to write about him & AB as well as Orson Welles & Humphrey Bogart..kintu samay nahi mila

The Listener said...

Nice Blog and Profile specially !!
Thanx for the visit !!

Trinaa said...

kewl video :))))))))))))

Zombie said...

i didn't get you..why would I be fixated on PVR Saket? I thought my identity in blogosphere was not known to many! :)

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Cannot watch the video as am accessing your blog on my cell.

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