Friday, November 7, 2008

Kyunki Alok Bhi Kabhi Cartoonist Tha

Waise toh every Diwali is special but this one was special in other way. I was back from the hospital and on prescribed bed rest the whole day. Pune had an eternally long power cut that day (that means no DVDs...No movies). I was in no mood to read so the Khurafaati Khopdi that I am, planned to make some prank calls and surprise people whom I haven’t spoken to in ages.. Tried to sell credit cards, house loans, club memberships to most of the unsuspecting shikaars, posed as a psycho fan called all Kalakaar type old friends (to my delight none of them had my new no. and I was pretty successful in pester them all).

It was fun catching up with all the cartoonist friends with whom I started my cartooning career long back.…Diwali actually turned into a True Happy Diwali…Power cuts during bed rest aren’t that bad…are they??

Posting some of my old cartoons…and a pic (hope you can differentiate between the pic and cartoons)


The Examination Special Cartoon for a Magazine while preparing for Exams myself (year 2000)

Deewar Ka Don : Freelance Assignment from an Ad Agency (Nov.2005)

Struggling with pencils @ Gotham Comics (Dec.2005)

B'day Bash Cartoon: RadioCity 91.1 FM, Bangalore (July 2007)

PS. Listening to Requiem For A Dream soundtrack, brilliant music…awesome tracks by Clint Mansell.. I was listening to a track called- Winter: The Beginning Of The End, and was shocked to discover that the track Confidence (which used to be one of my most favorite instrumental tracks) from Johnny Gaddar was copied...err.. I mean…plagiarized... I mean ‘inspired by’- Winter: The Beginning Of The End…


Gauri Mathur said...

I have always liked ur blog,,because i found ur blogs totally different from others..:-)

keep up the good work..:-)
May u prosper alot:))

n my comments to your blog could be very minimum bec i hardly read blogs or surf tem..i hope ul not mind:)

thanx for visiting mi9,,and boastine my moral:):)
take care n keep empowering!!

Gauri Mathur said...

I have always liked ur blog,,because i found ur blogs totally different from others..:-)

keep up the good work..:-)
May u prosper alot:))

n my comments to your blog could be very minimum bec i hardly read blogs or surf tem..i hope ul not mind:)

thanx for visiting mi9,,and boasting my moral:):)
take care n keep empowering!!

Think Tank said...

wow u r a cartoonist wow wow ..i'll commnt nxt tym wen im ovr wid marvelling

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

i looooooooove ur cartoons...and esp coz being an absolute pathetic and drawing..its awesome to see some one doing it so well:-)
great work!!

Sonia said...

you have a good sense of humor, and it translates well in your art of cartooning!

Trinaa said...

OMG!!! can u draw or wht!!!! woooowie alok! m impressed.. :))))

Toonfactory said...

@ Gauri - Thanks a lot..

@ Gauri - Thanks a lot again ;)

@ Think Tank - Thanks for the worries take ur time..

@ Santasizing - I am still struggling with my drawings...check out some of my friends' work (U can find the links there on the blog)and you'll understand what does it means to doing it so well... :)

@ Sonia - Thanks a lot madam...dil ki bhadaas hai jo yahaan wahaan nikalti rehti hai..

@ Trinaa - Thanks...yup I draw sometimes :)

Bhai with Chai said...

i mean.. WOW!

MY god..! U know what.. i wrote this post on Yahoo Messenger's doodle sometime back.. now you are one partner I'd never like to have on the other side.. coz i can't even draw enough to save my life and look at you!!


Bhai with Chai said...

last post was great as well.. but this one.. is better!!
and am sure u can always top it.. u got some skill ya!

Nidz said...

hey u r good man. nice sketch. cartoon reminds me of HUM TUM :)

swati said...

hey those were sme awesome cartoons..hmm lot of hidden talent on blogosphere..keep it up buddy..i hope 2 see more of it soon..

abhishek said...

arey tumhara photo bhi cartoon hi lag raha tha :P
Waise have you seen 'requiem for a dream'...very depressing movie yaar...

Unknown said...

Awesome cartoons...
So Mr. Kalakaar...aap sirf HUM ki pics banate hai ...TUm ki nahi??

Arunima said...

hey nice cartoons!
I liked the examinations special one the most.

Vidooshak said...

welcome back, dost. trust your health is wealthy again. you must be the the first blogger i know who got hospitalized because his blog popularity (measured in comments) dropped!! anyway, glad you recovered quickly.

zapped that in all these weeks of knowing you (oh is it years already??), i never asked to see your drawings. you draw better than i guessed. especially loved the "Baap" cartoon for 91.1FM. how do we get to see some more of your work?

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

I have tons to learn from you dude .

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Superb ....superb .

kiran sawhney said...

prank calls to friends? not a great idea. as if they are already not pestered by credit card calls.
But the cartoons are so cute...and funny.

Toonfactory said...

@ Bhai - Thanks a lot...well no worries will join ur team then :)

@ Nidhi - Thanks..

@ Swati - Thanks...will upload some more soon :)

@ Abhishek - Yup have seen the movie and loved it...the OST is listen...and then see the movie'll love it.

@ Paaro - Tum ki bhi kuchh images hain...dhoondhni padegi..

@ Arunima - Thanks a lot...for the visit and nice comment :) keep Visiting.

@ Vidooshak - Hehehe...looking at the comments and visitors count I am feeling all bhala changa now... ;) I used to have a photo blog where I uploaded my drawings/cartoons..hope its still active will fwd you the link.

@ Tyro - Thanks for the appreciation dude..

@ Kiran - Thanks for the visit & comment :)...well what friends are for ;)

Mama - Mia said...

need i say i loved the cartoons!!

and looking forward to seeing you soon!! do take lotsa rest and get totally changa quick!



Nidhi said...

Awesome Alok !!

Am impressed...

Anyways how are you feeling now ?

Heart'n'Soul said...

now this is dmn impressive
all ur cartoons are simply WOWsome :)

Slogan Murugan said...

I totally love that Hum saath sath hain one!


Toonfactory said...

@ Mama-Mia - Thanks..

@ Nidhi - Bahut Shukriya..Badi Meherbaani...

@ heart n'soul - Thanks for d comment.

@ Sloganmurugan - Thanks dude. I personally didn't like the drawing quality in HSSH toon...wanna redraw it someday...lets see

Bhai with Chai said...

@ A. S
pakka pakka meri team mein??
phir toh I fear no one!

Anonymous said...

how can i join comics studio? can u tell me?

Anonymous said...

i'm also freelancer, but i have not getting the way out, please show me the route?

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