Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am Back : Random Stuff

Seems like I made a mistake by posting two ‘Pearls Of Wisdom by Pixar’ posts back to back on my blog. The visitors and comments count dropped like the sensex. My last post (an interview with Brad Bird) which was posted almost 2 weeks back saw the lowest no. of comments ever on my blog.

Anyway here I am, back after almost 1 month. Meanwhile there were times when I had lots to share and wanted to publish a new post here but sometimes work and deadlines and sometimes my infamous laziness kept me away from my blog.
Mind is as agitated as it can/should be and with so many things going on at the same time and I don’t see it getting unruffled soon.

Quick updates:

I celebrated my B’day on 11th October working till 11:30 on a Saturday.

Did my 1st paid Acting Gig for a Commercial on 12th October (it was a Glorified Extra Role for the Commercial of a Paani Tanki, but who cares as long as I get paid for it).

Had real fun working on some projects.

Saw couple of films. (disappointed by the story & Javed Jafferi’s over the top VOs in Roadside Romeo)

Made 2 quick trips to Mumbai.(Gonna write a Detailed post)

Contemplated & still Contemplating on many decisions (personal as well as professional).

Hospitalised on Chhoti Diwali ie. 27th but was discharged the same day by God’s grace celebrated Diwali at home with Family.

Got a huge no. of hate msgs and mails on posting Pixar stuff back to back.

Posting some of my illustrations here. Hope U gonna like them..Gonna visit all ur blogs soon…A Character done @ Disney

Freelance Character Designs for an Ad Agency


abhishek said...

hmm..welcome back...bahut dino se gayab the...and about the pixar posts though excellent in nature they were too long. Nobody has the time to go through such long posts unless it is about sex or violence. That's how the world works ;-)
keep posting...

Bhai with Chai said...

oye.. hospitalised?! hope all's good now! :)
cooool illustrations btw!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

hey...can we also see the advertisement:-)
welcome back from the lazyness...i know it happens at time..
but we want more of these tooons here please:-)
and hey..hope ur fine now in all senses(personal,professional and health wise)

Unknown said...

wohuu....u finally back...hope ur active on blogsville for long now...

Banno said...

Sorry about your blog misadventures. I did read one of your Pixar posts, and thought the 2nd one was still the 1st one, if you know what I mean, so didn't read it. ;-)

Hope you are well now, and sorting out all your confusions. Or rather, moving towards higher levels of confusions.

Like your toon done for Disney.

Toonfactory said...

@ Abhishek - Lol I think I understood the mistake I made...October Ka Bhoola Agar November mein wapas aa jaye usey Bhoola nahin kehte..Right ;)

@ Bhai - Hanji hum bilkul theek thaak hain ab..on medication though..and thanks for the appreciation.

@ Santa - Gonna post some old cartoons soon..Advertisement to humne bhi abhi tak nahin dekha hai..

@ Paaro - Lets hope...I get time to be active this time.

@ Banno - I know what U mean ;)...well right now m moving towards bigger confusions I guess..The toon did for Disney never made it to the project as it was difficult for the animator and we worked with more simpler design...though it was used widely for presentations etc.

Me said...

Hope you are better now...Take care.

BTW, loved the toon-characters ;)

I did not watch Roadside Romeo and am not gonna watch now when I read abt the characters going over the top.

Have a gr8 day and get well soon.

Anonymous said...

thats 20

out of ten

Anonymous said...

hey quite a distinguished blog you have i must say.

thnks for visiting my space!

Nidhi said...

Teri wo Pixar ki post k liye to mai bh tera khoon karna chaahti hu... kitna pakata hai re...

And whoa !! awesome work man... am impressed :)

How are you feeling now ?

I hope u remember my our Subway sandwich deal :P

By the way !! You've been tagged !!

Will come back to ur posts soon... work load is killing me these days :(

Toonfactory said...

@ harshita - Thanks a lot...

@ Deluded - Thanks Dude

@ Aqua - Thanks..will keep visiting..

@ Nidhi - To fursat mil gayi aapko..BTW Pixar posts were so good that most of you didn't appreciated them..sob sob...

Mama - Mia said...

we like random posts like these!

more fun than reading Brad Bird gyaan! i mean not ALL of us THAT mad about animation!

we just liek to watch a good animated flick! :p

and JJ is bad voiceover? i heard rave reviews ONLY of his VO! :(


Nidhi said...

Mr. Character1 reminds me of Rajnikanth :D and Mr. Character2 reminds me of Saif from Hum Tum.. :D

And what ad was that.. send me the link to your ad :D zara aapki acting ka ek aur namoona dekha jaaye :D

And yeah.. once again... Pixar posts pakaaoo thi :P Movies by Pixar are always good.. but ur posts on Pixar was :(((((

Dare not write any more post on Pixar... you will be disowned then :D

Indian Role Player said...
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