Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick Updates

Longer blog post will take sometime. Here are quick updates:

My blog turned one year old this 5th. Wanted to write something on that, but couldn't.

I am in Delhi. The journey was remarkable & really funny.

Meeting some of my most fav. comic book creators.

Enjoying Delhi ki Mehmaan-nawaazi, which is simply mindblowing.

Two stories : Challan Karaogey ya Dosti Nibhaogey! & 'O Koi Load Nahin Hai Yaar' deserve a dedicated post which I will be posting soon.

Milte hain break ke baad!

A Dream realized after 2 decades :

Met Cartoonist Pran finally...something which my Dad promised me in June 1989 was finally fulfilled in June 2009. (A Long story...may be some other day)


santasizing...Fantasizing said...

ohhh..........u met Pran!!!
what a sheer delight:)...
all of us have grown up reading his comics:)
and yeah....congos for completing one year in blogville:)

Nidz said...

i glad u met him :)
have a mast trip

Unknown said...

Wooowww..... I m sure its one of those moments of dream come true for you!!! Do share the talks u did in meeting!!!

swati said...

heyaa..Good to see u njoin ur work soo much n getting to meet so renowned persons :)
keep Going.
God bless!!
Good day!!

Rafiq Raja said...

Hey Aalok, First time seeing Mr. Pranji's photograph on net. You are so lucky to have met him... I should plan to do that once too in life :)

What a great artist and visionary, do post the long post on it soon... Eager to read it.

Best of Luck on your first leg of Chitrakathaa Trip :)


Me said...

Arey wah... u met him. :) I met RK Laxman 2 yrs back and I must say he is full of life even at this age.

Have a nice trip... will wait for ur posts.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...


Thanks for sharing those pictures with us.
Glad to know that your twenty years old dream at last came true..

I am new to your blogosphere..

Hope to see you around..

Keep writing


Dilip Kumar Shukla said...

WoW its great. How did you manage to meet him? Is everyone welcomed or this is for special privileged entities?

abhishek singh said...

finally awake and up with a nu post
how's it goin ur documentary ,update:)

Onion Insights said...

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Sami said...

I heard about your current venture from Abhishek. It'll be like a bible for us comic book fans. Can't wait to here about its consummation.

Marijke said...

I heard from vijay ur a comic book fan..i can say super fan...we had old book sales here..
This meeting u had with cartoonist Pran must be the cream on ur cake.
awesome...thumbs up

Onion Insights said...


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