Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dhen Te Naan The Original & A Zee TV Promo

Dhen Te Naan has become a nationwide rage just like Emosanal Atyachar. But did you know Dhen Te Naan was the name of a story directed by Vishal Bharadwaj for TV Serial GUBBARE which used to air on Zee TV some 10 years ago. Here is the song, and yep that's Sharman Joshi dancing to the beats of original Dhen Te Naan, and accompanying him in floral red shirt is Teddy Maurya, national award winning Art Director who also art directed the latest hit Love Aaj Kal & many other movies. This song shows if the product is good it will find a market sooner or a decade later.
Lyrics by Apne Gulzar Sahab, music Vishal Bharadwaj Ka, ye lijiye original Dhen Te Naan:

On a different note, long-long ago, I did the visual scripting for some Promos on Zee TV. Stumbled upon this one for their Women Only Stand Up Comedy Show - Ladies Special : Hasya Ka Divya Tonic, (a show which was in making since the stone age, but saw the light of the day this June).
It was the second promo where they wanted to introduce all the contestants and I suggested to spoof Sansani & introduce the contestants, have a look:

Though my personal Fav. is the first promo. A silly, funny, spoofy limerick script I wrote introducing the show. The script was liked by everybody in the channel and was shot and broadcasted before this one, I am yet to see that one, if I find it, will share it with you guys.

Reading the Pluto Series and some more classic Manga Titles like Tezuka's Astro Boy, Crying Freeman...I think Japanese story tellers are far more evolved and smarter than their western counterparts.


abhishek said...

Only you can come with such little gems...inside stories...etc...

good luck with your works. :)


Rafiq Raja said...

Loved that Dhen Te Naan Original song, and laughed the guts out for the Sansani spoof :)

You have talents in plenty, bud :)

AMIT said...

Yeah this song is rocking.

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