Friday, August 7, 2009

Books, again :)

Bought some more books. Can't help it. I am addicted.

Sometime back I was searching for the book - Directing the Story, when I stumbled upon

After having some real bad experiences and some unimaginable adventures in online shopping, I am always a little skeptical about these kind of 'Bookstore at your doorstep' websites. Besides there are a couple of Book importers in Mumbai where you can order these books (that's what I did for this one).But the collection of Books (esp. Comics & Graphic Novels) on Flipkart was irresistible (which these book importers don't import comics for some reason known only to them. Finally when I couldn't resist the 'urge', I decided to give Flipkart a shot, by ordering just two books.

I am really impressed with their service. Flipkart is as good as amazon. (Wish they pay me for saying this).

It has all the features (which actually work) like tracking your order and getting prompt replies to your queries (which is very rare in the case of Indian Websites) and above all your order arrives in a neatly packed courier within the promised time (mine arrived much much earlier than the expected delivery date).

I was so excited with their prompt service (and the two comic books I recieved), that I logged in again to place an order for other comics I have been drooling over for a long time. Sadly most of them are out of stock now :(


Vidooshak said...

So glad to hear about FlipKart. After years of shoddy, cheating service from Indiatimes and Rediff, I am glad e-commerce seems to be maturing in India. We badly need an Amazon (and hope that Reliance, Big Bazaar and Bennet Coleman stay OUT of it when that happens) with their amazing stocks and service.

We been using and and had equally pleasant experiences. Quick, quality service at great prices.

Enjoy the books :-)

AMIT said...

Can u tell me what bad experience u faced while online shopping?

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Unknown said...

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Manish Batra said...

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Keep Posting:)

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