Friday, August 28, 2009

Back Ache, Books & Bakbak

Suffering from Back Ache for almost a week now.

Tied up with a lot of things. Spending my time reading, writing and contemplating. I really don't have much to say or tell...
Detached from everything and away from the discussions, plannings and 'we can do this' conversations...I want be in this zone for some more time...

Doing what I am supposed to do and working on what I really want to do...

Inner Peace...Inner Peace, as master Shifu chants in Kung Fu Panda.

Meanwhile, I just finished reading Crying Freeman Vol.1 By Kazuo Koike (Writer: Lone Wolf & Cub) with beautiful art by Ryoichi Ikegami. The story reads like a fast paced crime thriller film. Really impressive but I doubt if I'll be following this title like I am digging Pluto Series (already on Vol.5 of 7). But I would definitely be watching the 1995 film adaptation Crying Freeman directed by Christophe Gans.

Also read over the last week:
Fables 1 (Vertigo) - I really liked the set up but the climax of the whodunnit story in Vol.1 was pretty predictable. Anyway, its a good series which I am gonna follow for at least next 2-3 TPBs before coming to a conclusion. You can download the 1st preview from Vertigo Site.

Hellboy Vol.7 - Hellboy: The Troll Witch and Others : Which collects Hellboy short stories from many other collections from the Dark Horse Stable and one unpublished story by P.Craig Russel & Mignola.

Divine Right : The Adventures of Max Faraday Vol.1 (Wildstorm/DC) : Written & Drawn by Jim Lee, this book blown me away long back when I read it for the first time in Gotham Comics Library. Was it the story or the art...I don't know.

Ordered it from Flipkart to re-read it and find out. This time, I really find it a run of the mill Image Comics Plot where all the characters keep on coming up with one wisecrack after the other...all of them have very shallow personalities. The progression of the story suffers a lot because of the long (sometimes meaningless) dialogues. Jim Lee's writing can't catch up with his art where he is exploding the pages with super energetic spreads. And yep! like all the other Image Comics from that era, there are long legged beauties with Guns.

DISCLAIMER: These are my personal views and thoughts on the books as a reader, please don't take them seriously and read the books before making any opinion on them.


Rafiq Raja said...

That's a whilrwind comics review post, Alok Bhai. Seems Manga is the order of the month for you so far :)

I haven't read any other series, other than Fables vol.1, but have heard that Jim Lee is more good as an artist than a writer :)

Get well soon, bro.

Vedha said...

//Sabka Maalik ACHE//

Take care.
back problems are some of the worst ever nightmares which come alive. just now recuperated from it.

crying freeman.......yes, i liked it. haven't seen the Movie though.

how is it?

abhishek said...

I too wanted to order some books through flipcart.

Kaise bhejta hai flipcart books?? ghar par??

I'm not in my flat the whole day. What happens if they come then??

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