Monday, September 15, 2008

Bhai Tum Sign(ature) Karte Ho Ya Nahin??

(A cartoon I made long back for an old embarrassing story)

Prologue: After delaying it for almost a month, I bought a new mobile connection and a cell phone last week.

Getting a new phone number esp. if you are going for a Reliance Connection (like me) is a big headache because you have to buy a new handset for the connection and you can’t copy your contacts directly to this new handset as it doesn’t supports any other SIM but only the Almighty Reliance SIM. Now think about the efforts put into copying all the contacts manually (not to mention one by one) from your old cell to the new one and then informing everybody about the new number. Tough…isn’t it?

Anyway the number was yet to be activated and being more or less jobless over the lazy Saturday afternoon I decided to explore my new phone…a loyal Nokia user (have never used any other brand ever) I went through the cool and some not so cool features of this new LG Handset of mine.

And this is when the story starts. I was going through the very different looking Message features and this thing called SIGNATURE caught my eyes. (Hardcore Narcissist that I am) I wanted to check the length of a SIGNATURE and typed in My Name, there was still some space…I added Detailed Designation…I could see some more space…typed in the company’s name…there was still some space but I got bored and started exploring other features.

Sunday the number got activated and I typed a message informing everybody about my new number and sent it using the cool send to all function, which saved a lot of efforts. I was happy oblivious of the fact that the message went to almost 400+ people on my contact list with the same Super Obnoxiously Narcissist Signature that I typed there on Saturday.

Once I started getting replies (some sarcastic and some full of winking smilies) Congratualting me on the Post/Designation etc etc from some close friends, I realized the blunder, but it was too late, as the message was delivered to almost everybody by then.

Epilogue: Mon. 15th September 2:30pm

I IM-ed a friend asking if she got my new no.

‘where u’ve signed off with a huge signature’ she replies.

‘Ummmm…that was a silly mistake actually…’I typed sheepishly.

‘Ohh really…what mistake’

I narrated the story to her and I could actually see her laughing out loud when she typed lol.

Another friend IMs me- ‘Oye Bhai Congratulations! Naya Number Mubarak Ho...’

‘Shut up yaar!!’

I again narrate the whole story (A big thanks to the man who invented ctrl+C, ctrl+V)

‘Who sends a message with such Signatures…’ I type.

‘Ya exactly no one would do that except you...’ (I know he is having fun at my expense…even m smiling)

‘aisi cheezen hoti rahti hain yaar zindagi mein’ He adds.

‘Magar Har Baar Mere Hi Saath??’

‘Cummon…once i was typing one sec pls to a girl online and by mistake i typed one sex pls… and you imagine what i had gone thru’ He shares his brief moment of shame.

‘Ohh that’s nothing…once I was chatting with a girl and I had to type- Are U busy
By mistake I typed- Are u busty, because T & Y are adjacent keys on keyboard..’

‘ROFL’ he types ‘so you want to be awarded???’

Giving it a second thought I won’t mind an award as I am hands down winner when it comes to True Embarrassing Stories. What do u think?

-Alok Sharma,
Most Embarrassing Moments

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Saumin’s Blog, which he updated recently with the amazing comic book pages he did for Virgin Comics.


DMulan said...


lol... oh poor poor you!

Unknown said...

OH Man.....I havent laughed so loud since long...
Nothing more to say...except that it was So cuteeee and of course foolish!!!!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

hilarious!!!over the top!!!!
and i thought only i was the master of accidents:-)

Unknown said...

By the way...I have added you in my blogroll :)

Anonymous said...

Well I would say that this is the price one pays to change the brand loyalty ... it is a crime to think of any thing else apart from a Nokia.

Proud ownner of Nokia N72, although it hangs up a lot these days.

Trinaa said...

"-Alok Sharma,
Most Embarrassing Moments"

huuunh i disagree... i am d expert!!

Sneha Shrivastava said...

Hi Alok,
Hota hai ,Chalta hai Duniyah hai.:)

Enjoyed your post.
Have a nice day.

Toonfactory said...

@ Divya - Lol Thanks

@ Paaro - Thanks for blogrolling me. I am honored :)

@Santasizing Fantasizing- We all are masters of accidents I think...

@ Smruti - Wish Reliance had a better Nokia Handset.. :)

@ Trinaa - I think there can be two Experts on the same subject..Nahin?

@ Sneha - YUp..True....Thanks for the visit..

Bhai with Chai said...

hahah! all this makes life interesting nay?!

Nidhi said...

Owwww !! One more victim !! I know how painful oit is to shift to Reliance and Tata Indicom Networks :((

I remember updating my phonebook (did I mention there were 843 contacts :(( ) one by one... I hated it...

Welcome to the gang buddy !!

"Nokia Bhakt" Gang !! Thats what am known as among my knowns... "Nokia Bhakt"

Hihihihi... I can see how much help you got from Ctrl C and Ctrl V :D

Man !! Am in my office and laughing out loud.. and people around me are thinking that I ve gone mad :P All thanks to you Alok !!

And oye !! Mind sharing the award of Mishaps with me :D I know I will have to give ya some proofs... wait for sometime and u ll get a long list of mishaps that have happened to me :D

Shruti said...

oh.. hahahaaaa.. that was very entertaining.. must be so much fun for ppl around u :P

Gauri Mathur said...

take care

Pooja said...

i rolled down wth lafter...

Sonia said...

mujhe aapse hamdardi hai...

Toonfactory said...

@ Bhai With A Chai - I agree.

@ Nidhi - Welcome back. Good finally U r laughing.

@ Shruti - Yup it was funny for them indeed.

@ Gauri - Thanks for the visit and comments.

@ Pooja - Zyada hansogi to kisi din koi Mythological Serial waley cast kar lenge tumko...

@ Sonia - Its a pleasure to have U on my blog Ms. Very Talented Sonia :) Hamdardi Ke Liye Shukriya Magar Is Waqt Humein Hamdardi Se Zyada Hamdard Ke Tonic Cinkara ki zarurat hai...Becuase Main Bechara, Is waqt Hoon Kaam Ke Bojh Ka Maara :(

Bubbly Vodka said...

Lol. Seriously, who sends text messages with a signature! :p

~S n E h A~ said...

oye meko apne apka naya no. nahi diya..fwd me..without the signature ofcourse...:)

Nidz said...

Clap for ur sketch!!! keep going.
i dont sketch but i love editing pics on photoshop.. ;)

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