Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jim Lee draws for Google

My most favorite artist JIM LEE draws for home page (which we can't see in India as it keeps on redirecting us to for San Diego ComiCon, a historical moment for all the comic book lovers like us.


Rafiq Raja said...

Wonderful, to see the Google logo being drawn by one of my favorite artists too (ever since I read the Hush series).

By the way use the Proxy Browsers to witness the link yourself... like Here :)

Marijke said...

i tried to open also in but it went back to
i feel bit sad cos we cant see his work..awesome btw
he is a gifted person.

Vidooshak said...

Toh Sawal ye utthta hai, ki Basanti agar India mein hai toh yeh Doodle ko pe kaise dekh liya usne?

Fabulous link. In my office, we get to use the US link so I did see the doodle but it shows up like a small splatter on the top left corner. Didn't know it was a fab doodle till you pointed out.

Toonfactory said...

@ RR - Jim Lee is not 'one of my most favorite artists' but he is my 'most' favorite artist..LOL...HUSH was really awesome...But you should check out his work on 'Divine Right' which came much before HUSH!

@ Marijke - Try the link provided by Rafiq to see the actual page.

@ Vidooshak - Bhai yahin to maar kha gayi Basanti...she should've followed Abdul's way long back...ALA him - Aate-Jaate Huye Main Sab Pe Nazar Rakhta Hoon...LOL.

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