Monday, July 27, 2009

Nitin Sawhney & A Throw of Dice (Prapancha Pash) (1929)

Came across this wonderful post/review of 1929 Himanshu Rai and German director Franz Osten's Silent movie - A throw of Dice (Prapancha Pash) on Memsaab's Blog (which I think is the best blog dedicated to Indian Cinema). Check out Memsaab's blog for an awesome review of the film and some real cool screen grabs to see the grand scale of the movie. Can't wait to get a DVD of the movie.

She mentioned Nitin Sawhney's wonderful background score in her review, which caught my attention. Being a big fan of Nitin Sawhney's music I was wondering whether there was one more Nitin Sawhney during the silent era of Indian Cinema.

To know more, when I checked the official website* of the film. I was pleasantly shocked to know it's actually the same Nitin Sawhney. Nitin composed a new symphony to accompany this classic silent movie from 1929 in 2006. check out the video of song Koyal composed by him for the movie.

Not so long back, I was astonished to see (the video recording of) John Williams performing with his live orchestra for the 25th Anniversary screening of E.T. Its wonderful to see Nitin attempting the same with Prapanch Pash. He is doing a couple of Live Orchestral Screenings where his orchestra will play live background music along with the screening of the film.

PS. (*I would've never thought there can be a website for a movie from a long forgotten era, thanks Memsaab for putting it up on her blog.)


memsaab said...

You are nice :-)

There's a long interview with Nitin Sawhney on the DVD as well. It's a lovely lovely film and his score fits it to a T.

Anonymous said...

liked ur wrk
pranoo here

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