Thursday, April 2, 2009


Oops its been more than a month since I updated my blog or visited any of your blogs. Extremely sorry...there was too much of work and some restlessness in mind and the reason behind not updating the blog lies in that restlessness more rather than the 'too much work' I am talking about.

Good News - I have Broadband Connection at home now. Bad News - Its Reliance Broadband+ the so called Fastest Internet on the move which boasts of 3.1 Mbps Speed which it has never achieved till date. Speed is OK but there are so many terms and conditions levied by Reliance that its really hard to use this device. They charge you some insane amount every month end even if you have applied for the Unlimited Broadband Plan. They call it Unlimited and then the fine print says - Unlimited Plan User gets a fair usage of 10 GB per month, if the usage exceeds 10GB you'll be charged Rs.2 per MB. Since when did 10GB become Fair Unlimited Usage? & Rs.2/MB is INSANE!!!!

So if anybody wants to buy this device, please try some other option (there are so many in the market for the IMPATIENT Generation) or be ready to pay some insane bills every month to make Mr.Ambani even richer!

Meanwhile my good ol' DVD player refused to play movies, which kept me upset for a longtime as I wasn't able to see movies and unable to find a single good model of DVD Player with some basic features I was looking for. So finally after three days of endless search for a new player and living almost a week of DVD Less life, I decided to get my DVD Player fixed but sadly by the time it was fixed, I'd to come down to Mumbai for some office related work. Can't wait to go back home and watch some movies on DVD back to back.

I am going to be in Mumbai till this month end and thanks to the dispute between Multiplex Owners & Producers' Guild there is not a single good movie to watch. Saw some real horrible films like Dashavtaaram & My Mom's New Boyfriend. Saw Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D twice and if it wasn't for the 3D Experience I think the movie's storyline (if there was any) was pretty average with some real cool 3D Shots. PVR was having Spielberg Film Festival and finally I got to see one of my most

favorite Spielberg Films - Munich which IMHO one of the most aesthetically shot film by Janusz Kaminski.

Another good news - After hunting for years I finally got The Lion King Platinum Edition 2 DVD Set. Second Hand Hi Sahi...Black Mein Hi Sahi...but finally I have the DVD set !

Was feeling a bit lazy this afternoon, browsing aimlessly I came across some real cool blogs, one of them deserves a special mention. It’s called Eastern Eye, dedicated to Bollywood Music, Sitars, Jazz & Ragas. This is a blog where you can find some real kick ass Kalyan Ji Anand Ji Instrumental pieces from movies like Professor Pyarelaal & Don, real rare stuff like a Rag Todi in Jazz- a track from one of the rarest albums Raga Jazz Style by Shankar-Jaikishan,et al. This blog is a must visit for you if you love the Guns, Cars & Sitars from the 70s Cinema.

Will visit all your blogs soon :)

PS. Finally I am getting back to drawing. Have started sketching again, hope am able to draw something decent enough someday to share on my blog. Now have to get little organised and start writing too...

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