Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick Updates

Longer blog post will take sometime. Here are quick updates:

My blog turned one year old this 5th. Wanted to write something on that, but couldn't.

I am in Delhi. The journey was remarkable & really funny.

Meeting some of my most fav. comic book creators.

Enjoying Delhi ki Mehmaan-nawaazi, which is simply mindblowing.

Two stories : Challan Karaogey ya Dosti Nibhaogey! & 'O Koi Load Nahin Hai Yaar' deserve a dedicated post which I will be posting soon.

Milte hain break ke baad!

A Dream realized after 2 decades :

Met Cartoonist Pran finally...something which my Dad promised me in June 1989 was finally fulfilled in June 2009. (A Long story...may be some other day)

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