Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thoda Sa Relax Ho Jayein!

How to start writing when you have too many things to say, but don’t know how and where to start from? It happens when you come back home after a long journey, a journey where every single moment was so extra ordinary that you want to pour your heart out as soon as you reach home but when you reach, you are so overwhelmed and also, tired and saturated with all the thoughts that you can’t express things. Slowly its all forgotten or remains there somewhere in subconscious and comes out in fractions. It can also happen when you come back to your blog after a longtime and see you haven’t ‘actually’ blogged for sometime. Random updates don't count as Blogging, right? Now everything that you wanted to say is so jumbled up in your mind, that you can’t think of a thing in particular and start writing about it.

So I am planning to let my mind wander and write as it’s coming to me right now.

Congratulations Manna Da : I wanted to write when Manna Dey was honored with Dada Sahab Falke award last month. Manna Da is one of my most favorite singers and his songs have an aura of honesty because of his voice. His soothing voice has an assurance that the he understands you and your deep emotions. I always feel a deep connection to his voice and songs. I consider myself lucky, that my first professional Radio Assignment was a Manna Dey Special, a 3 hour long Manna Dey Interview for Musical-E-Aazam in December 2005. I not only got to meet the maestro after the show, but also discuss some of his non-filmy albums like Bachchan’s Madhushala composed by Ravi and rendered in his own voice. I also managed to get my Madhushala CD autographed.

I am sad to see how media which neglected the 90 year old genius until now, was hunting for his contact after the award was announced (I was still in touch with him and gave the contact to many a friends from media, who didn’t even know anything about him except Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hai and Pyar Hua Iqraar Hua).

KANK: I just quit from my Job and cleaning my cupboard. There are bundle of papers, notes and research for the stories I was working on. Feels funny to see the chunk of work I did here in the past 18 odd months (my longest tenure with one job ever). I find it funny when people get emotional while cleaning up their desks in their last days in office. I often find it strange when people decorate their work desks like they’re going to be stuck with the same desk throughout their lives. Those nauseating big warm hugs to colleagues, Bye Bye, Tears, Last emotional mail sent to all and all that jazz… Kinda Vidaayi Scene! It was your office! Grow up! for crying out loud! Pardon me if I am getting too harsh! LOL!

What bring tears to me is the F***ing paper work: A Bigtime Headache, which I’ll be going through before the legendary full and final settlement with the company!

Finished reading The Oxford Murders by by the Argentine author Guillermo Martínez. The story is interesting although the climax was pretty predictable. For the first time I felt, Mathematics can also be intriguing. Damn mathematics teachers!

I am also, watching Heroes Season 3: Villains. I was disappointed with the Second Season, which in retrospect looks like a precursor to the third season. Jeph Loeb one of my most favorite Comics Writer who is also, one of the Co-Executive Producer of the show was recently fired by NBC because of some 'creative differences' & 'budget issues'. I am wondering if Tim Kring (the Producer) will be able to manage season 4 (Volume 5: REDEMPTION) of such a massive multi character show without him.

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