Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Kharaab DVD Player, Boom & Piano

Last night my DVD Player refused to play any DVD for more than a couple of minutes after which it stopped automatically. I have to get a new DVD Player but before that I called up the ONIDA Service Center and gave them a piece of my mind.

ONIDA's after sales service sucks big time! Their engineers are not qualified, but are an expert in giving temporary solutions and permanent excuses.

My Resolution : I AM NEVER GONNA BUY OR USE ANYTHING FROM ONIDA EVER IN MY LIFE! & I'll Suggest you to stay away from this Brand!

As the DVD player played up games again. I decided to read something and while reading this wonderful essay by Alan Moore called Alan Moore's Writing For Comics, I downloaded Kaizaad Gustad's BOOM, which I wanted to see for a longtime. BOOM is a classic example of good plot going into a brainless direction. It's like Kanti Shah (Director/Producer of Gunda) trying to make a Guy Ritchie-sque diamond heist and all of a sudden feels he can add all the elements from Gunda to make the plot more interesting.

One good thing happened while watching BOOM was Jackie Shroff humming Jaa Re Ud Jaa Re Panchhi, one of my most favorite Bhoola Bisra Geet from Maya. Last I heard this song was some 5-6 years back on Vividh Bharti. I was searching for the song in my Hard Disk when I came across the instrumental version of the song, rendered wonderfully on Piano by Brian Silas. Since morning I am listening to some real rare old songs played by the maestro. Its truly a wonderful experience to listen to these old classics played on Piano.

Meanwhile, came across this really funny site, you shouldn't miss - The Editing Room : Abridged Scripts for Movies. Do check out...its hilarious!


Unknown said...

OMG ...u watched BOOM!!!! IT one hell of ghatiya movie!! I couldnt tolerate it after 15 minutes!!!

Marijke said...

so u see everything happens wth a reason Now u enjoyed reading.
well when u buy next dvd player
check on the servise We have cheap things on the net But as u know
no service after buying.
thats the risk
be well and Njoy the day
greeetz from sunny Belgium

Sinner said...

You deserve a bravery award for watching that movie... LOL

Mere saath bhi aisa hota hain... kabhi achanak se koi bhoola bisra geet kaano ko chhoota hain... aur fir I try hard to search it and listen to all the songs of that genre... :)

DVD player...sob sob... Happy and Rustam ate up the remote of my new Sony DVD...uhuh!

abhishek said...

Are you kidding me...kanti shah's gunda has given me the loudest and biggest laughs in my life while watching movies...world class editing and dialouges...my god its soo rare to find films like that :P

nd boom...well thr can be only one reason to watch it...katrina's wonderful sort-of strip tease in front of gulshan grover...atleast that's the reason I watched it.

Toonfactory said...

@ Paaro - The fun starts exactly at the 16th minute, U should've watched it a lil more than 15 mins.LOL.The movie had its moments as Abhishek commented.

@ Marijke - Welcome to my blog after so many years...good to see U Marijke!

@ Harshita - Ye Rustam Aur Happy Hain Kaun...aur tum unko khana nahin dogi to aisa hoga hi...

@ Abhishek - Trust me the day Kanti Shah decides to make a Guy Ritchie-sque film...We gonna see a next BOOM! Dialogues in Gunda were penned by Ishrat Ali who also wrote Dialogues for another Kanti Shah block buster called LOHA! Starring - Mithun, Dharmendra and Govinda & Manisha Koirala did special appearance in 2 songs...trust me Loha is a gem of a movie...

Rafiq Raja said...

Looks like Onida seems to be getting brickbats from all over. I wonder how they survive in market even after such a low customer satisfaction for these many years.

Go for a Philips DVD, one of the best... I have mine working for more than 3 years now, without any probs. The latest version also has USB Video plugin, so cool for all of us download freaks.

Alan Moore's Writing for Comics, where was it available ? I am still searching for it over here.:(... Just managed to get Will Eisner's two gems so far.

Boom: isn't that the movie which introduce kat kaif.... well that was the only good thing out of it :)


santasizing...Fantasizing said...

Boom Dekh li?ur commendable...and i salute you!!!
a 21 gun salute would do?
i still havent mustered enough courage to do so...but might as well try now....:D

and i ditto u for the onida things..they really have sad,mad,bad products lined one after the other.

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