Monday, May 18, 2009


Sunday just got over. I am really sleepy but wanted to write and post this before hitting the sack.

(Edit: I was just gonna post this when power failed and my laptop went off : these days my laptop runs on raw power, battery has died sometime back).

Last night I decided to be at home on Sunday and spend the day aimlessly to compensate for all the Sundays I have missed in last couple of weeks...or shall I say months. 2 Movies, one good reading session (I am reading and a book signing event later, I can say Yep! It was a day well spent...

I was lazying around, watching BBC's Documentary Divine Michelangelo between my afternoon naps when a very close friend called up to remind me I have to get a copy of Paths of Glory (the latest Jeffery Archer novel) signed for her at the book signing Jeffery was doing this evening at the Landmark.

I didn't know much about Jeffery Archer or his work (Mujhe Duniyawalon Maaf Karna). Anyway I did my research and was astonished to learn, his books do more business in India than any other nation in the world! No wonder the man was here to promote his latest book and do book signings (I'll wait for the day when Indians will read Neil Gaiman & Alan Moore the way Archer guy is being read here).

I planned to check out what this Ho-Hulla is all about, took Neha for company and went to Landmark. Landmark, Pune was so crowded that it reminded me of Andheri station at peak hours (Ahhhh I miss Mumbai!).

The Crowd

As I suspected earlier; the place was full of silly college girls and some Mahila type ki Yuvtiyaan &/or Mahilaayein trying hard to be Yuvtiyaan... Let me remind you this bunch of ladies is the most powerful lot we have in our nation, they can turn any Jeffery Archer into A Best Selling Author & any SRK into A Super-Duper Star...
(DISCLAIMER : I am not questioning JA/SRK's talent, they both are very talented and both deserve to be where they are, I am just praising the Naari Shakti & its shakti in mera gaaon mera desh).

Jeffery was yet to come, so I grabbed a copy of Brian Azzarello's Joker and started flipping thru the pages wondering if they will have a book signing by Brian Azzarello ever in India.

Jeffery arrived and as he started talking I was amazed. This man who sounded like a big snob in all his interviews is actually an interesting snob. I was really impressed when he said "I am not a writer, I am a story teller..." and made his point clear with a funny example to a bunch of college girls (I can't call them silly everytime) with blank expression on their faces.

I really wanted to read his work now! Kane & Abel looked really interesting, may be because the name sounded like the names of biblical brothers Cain & Abel. Picked a copy, the desciption given at the back cover was really interesting.
Book Signing

Book Signing started. I had to get a copy of Paths of Glory autographed, I planned to get my book signed too.
Jeffery signing My copy of Kane & Abel

I flipped thru the pages of Kane & Abel and I find the book pretty interesting! Will be reading it soon...

It's raining tonight...Weather will be good tomorrow...

I was going to write more ki Achanak:

"Doctor...Mujhe Chaaro Or Blue-Blue Nazar Aa Raha Hai...!!!"

"Koi Naa Puttar, So Jaa...It's Monday..."
Prakash Mehra the man behind Zanjeer and many other Amitabh Hits passed away. RIP Prakash Ji, you truly were Muqaddar Ka Sikandar!


Coming Up : Toony Version of another character from Watchmen :)


Unknown said...

woaahhh.... I am a big fan of Jeffery Archer.. Anand has just completed Paths of Glory..wish u cud have got the signed copy for me as wel!! :((

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

Ahh lucky u...I am going to Landmark today as hes going to be here doing the book signings...hope to get my copy signed:)

neha said...

waah sirji.....badhiya hai

King Viswa said...


Am Also Not a Hard Reader and HAS NEVER READ a Book By J.A Till Date.

Attended his Book Launch Session in Chennai Land mark as His Book is was Translated in Tamil By One of My Favourite Publisher-Friend.

J.A Was complaining that the speech that he made in Chennai Land Mark was shot by somebody in the front Row (Hey, Not Me Man) and was uploaded in You Tube immediately. Did something like that Happened in Pune also?

Very Interesting Person This J.A is.

King Viswa
Carpe Diem.
Tamil Comics Ulagam

Rafiq Raja said...

Toonfactory, I too wish, that the same respect and love shown towards novels also is given to its brother in arms, graphic novels.

No discredits to Archer, but I still believe we are yet to give due credit to the 9th Art medium in India, and their creators behind the veil.

Do you remember, how Jeff Smith's visit was almost blacked out from all newsmedia, when he was in India. That's us :)

Kab Woh Din Aayega.. Tab tak Khabho me Gujaar Lenge meete pal :)


Me said...

I have read most of Jeffrey Archer's books, but I am not much of a fan...Donno why?? ...Still figuring out...

Kane and Abel is a good read...u shud give it a try...

I wish if we were born in the era when some great literature came up and there were book signings then... I wud be the first 'MAHILA' in the queue..hahaha

Your Sunday was pretty eventful... aur Monday joke was complete fun...

abhishek said...

Paths of glory is also a stanley kubrick it based on the novel of archer?

nd lol on Mahilaayein trying hard to be Yuvtiyaan..hehe

i've read 'The Prodigal Daughter'(sequel to 'Kane and Abel') and all his collection of short stories.

Toonfactory said...

@ Paaro - U should've told me earlier, wud've get U an autograph :)

@ Santasizing - Hope U got to meet him :)

@ Neha - Thank you hai ji!

@ Viswa - He told abt that Chennai incident..

@ RR - I 100% agree to you on this, I so wanted to meet Jeff but by the time I came to know about his visit (thru ur blog only) he was gone :((

@ Harshita - I seriously wish I had a time machine to get Kautilya's autograph on Arthashashtra :)

@ Abhishek - Nopes this is a new book based on Everest Mission conspiracy theory!

Vidooshak said...

I have always been a huge fan of his work, along with Arthur Hailey. They have a similar style and an interesting way of making masala plots sound "deep". This is different from, say, Frederick Forsyth who delivers a punch at the end of a rather heavy-sounding narrative. I recommend you read "Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less"-- his first and best book IMHO.

Congrats on getting the book signed. Someday I will be in queue, waiting to get my DVD signed from you. Hoga... hoga...

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