Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rorschach test on Photoshop

After a long-longtime, I tried my hands at sketching and coloring this afternoon.

I wanted to draw cute versions of The Watchmen. I haven't drawn or sketched for ages, so had to struggle a lot and before I could come up with something and I still was/am miles away from the result I was looking for.

Somehow managed to draw this toony version of Rorschach, my most favorite Character from Watchmen. Coloring has always been a challenge for me. I mostly do flat coloring on my cartoons. But this time I am determined to learn Photoshop properly and color my cartoons in a better way. So here are few colored versions of Rorschach. Have tried a little molding/shading in the following two versions & I think the outcome is yucky! Need to study more and practice harder...

Waiting for your feedback!


deluded said...

god level bhai

thats pretttty realistic!

King Viswa said...


Good to see that You Haven't lost your touch.The Coloured ones in the last are awesome.

BTW, Loved your G-Chat Lines for the last 2 weeks. Esp the Altaaf Bhai and Chandrakaanta Ones.

King Viswa
Carpe Diem.
Tamil Comics Ulagam

Nidz said...

its awesome. its a challenging task i know cuz i deal with it in day to day life

Apparently intellectual said...

lol@main aur meri tanhai

and abt the sketch,i think its brilliant..and neat..which is what is most important!
thanks for stopping by my blog!:)

Rafiq Raja said...

Toonfactory, you say you lost touch and still have those shades and background match on the ones... especially the last one....

Seems the work on Little Krishna Serial, got you back on your tracks. Way to go, and keep up the good job going.


Unknown said...

nice work...keep it up!!

abhishek said...

All these in photoshop...godgiri...godgiri...:D

Toonfactory said...

@ Deluded - Thanks Doc! Though am not at all happy with the outcome.

@ Viswa - Thanks for the kind words, Welcome back! Well I am planning a post dedicated to Altaf Bhai soon...Keep visiting

@ Nidzzi - Thanks...Its always fun to face challenges isn't it!

@ AI - Thanks...Welcome to my blog :)

@ RR - Trust me this isn't the result I was looking forward for...Thanks for the appreciation :)

@ Paaro - Thanks!

@ Abhishek - Yaar drawing to haath se karke hi scan ki thi...baaki PS Hai :)

neha said...

last wala accha laga.....

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